Exclusive: The Cast Of ‘Once Upon A Time’ Plays Two Lies And A Truth At Comic-Con

How do you get tight-lipped cast and crew members of an insanely popular show to give you spoilers about the upcoming season? Well, if you're me…you trick them.

During San Diego Comic-Con, most of the “Once Upon A Time” cast was on hand to talk about “Frozen” coming to Storybrooke this year. The kicker? They couldn't actually give anything away.

Enter “Two Lies And A Truth.” The game is simple. Each cast member and/or co-creator was asked simply to lie to our faces twice and tell the truth once about something in their story arc this season. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to parse the which is false information and which is the honest truth.

Find out for sure September 28 when “Once Upon A Time” returns to ABC.