Exclusive: Watch a preview of the robot challenge on ‘Big Brain Theory’

Who knew science — not scifi, but actual science — could be this cool? Probably scientists. And anyone who paid attention in science class. Never mind. Whether or not you loved science as a subject (and whether or not you are crushed that one of the few women on the show got eliminated last week, sniff), “The Big Brain Theory: Real Genius” is all about building cool stuff to rigorous standards, then trying to blow it up, set it on fire or destroy it in some other way. Who doesn’t love blowing stuff up? Don’t answer that.

In this exclusive clip from Wednesday night’s show (7:00 p.m. ET), competitors are faced with a challenge that’s downright crazy. They must design a robot that can tackle a triathlon. That’s right, a robot that can do a triathlon. Really, I’d even be happy to have a robot that could bring me coffee, wouldn’t you?

When challenge day arrives, the teams are neck and neck at the track, resulting in a competition that comes down to the wire. The result is a surprising elimination: with one competitor uttering an unexpected name as the weakest link. The episode also features Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete Bryan Clay as a guest expert.

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