Exclusive clip: Watch ‘Bar Hunters’ get down and dirty in Tempe

10.18.13 6 years ago

Are real estate shows about searching for a dream home too staid and domestic for you? Then maybe you want to sidle on up to “Bar Hunters” (premieres Mon. Oct. 21 at 10:00 p.m.), Discovery Channel’s new show about the challenge of finding the perfect place for customers to get blackout drunk and puke in dark corners. Patio seating and stain-repelling furniture a must!

In this exclusive clip, watch two bros, Ben and Lars, snipe at one another like newlyweds over whether they’ll snap up a bar in a good location but with limited indoor seating. It’s like the peanut butter vs. chocolate debate, except square footage is the peanut butter and wood-paneled walls are the chocolate. 

Thank goodness, successful bar expert and restaurateur Tom Powers is on hand each week to show wannabe bar owners three locations in an attempt to make their dreams into a cash-making reality. In the first episode, Tom heads out to the college party town of Tempe, Arizona, where he meets Ben and Lars. The guys dream of opening a down and dirty, All-American country western bar complete with a mechanical bull.  But can Tom successfully find the right spot without breaking the bank?

Will you be watching “Bar Hunters”? 

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