First ‘Fallout 4’ trailer shows a post-apocalyptic Boston in bloom

06.03.15 4 years ago

Looks like “Fallout” fans are in for one heck of a year.

Long-rumored and only confirmed today after a fun 24-hour countdown clock, “Fallout 4” will take the post-apocalyptic gaming franchise to Boston, and part of the fun of the premiere trailer today is looking at the way the design of the game plays off of familiar Boston landmarks. For people who have lived in the city (I assume my buddy writer/producer Kevin Biegel is going actually move into the game), it's going to be even more of a blast, but these games aren't just jokes about real estate.

Ultimately, one of the hardest parts of any gaming franchise is figuring out the balance between the familiar and the innovative. After all, the reason a gamer buys a new installment in a series is because they love what they've already played, but if you just re-skin something, is that enough to justify asking someone to pay another $60?

It looks to me like this is the “Fallout” world is the one I know and love, but like they've made a jump forward with the actual look and feel of the characters in that world.

It's impossible to judge anything from a trailer this early in the process, but as E3 is about to kick off, it's an exciting time for game fans in general and for fans of this franchise in particular.

“Fallout 4” will apparently show up for XBox One, Playstation 4, and PC sometime later this year.

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