Disney bringing back nightmare fuel ‘Night on Bald Mountain’ for live-action remake



Disney is keeping their live-action reboot train rolling with their latest announcement. According to Hollywood Reporter, Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (“The Last Witch Hunter,” “Dracula Untold”) have been tapped to bring “Night on Bald Mountain” to life.

You remember “Night On Bald Mountain,” right? It”s the part of “Fantasia” where Chernobog – a winged demon – summons the town dead and all the denizens of hell to an all-night rager. The segment that left generations of children cowering in fear and wondering why Disney would do this to them.

Still in early development, no details were available as to the plot or which character the narrative will focus on. But looking back at the original 1940 source material, here”s a few suggestions. Of course, any of these would place the movie solidly in the middle of an R-rating. But eh, what can you do?

#1. Chernobog waking up and embracing another night of partying hard as the Kegger King.

GIF via Tumblr

#2. The ghosts all showing up to this rave completely naked…some of them without bodies.

GIF via Tumblr

#3. Speaking of naked, it”s not a Hell Party without flaming hot women that get turned into grotesque animals!

GIF via Tumblr

#4. Just a straight up demon orgy.

Image via Tumblr

#5. And – of course – HARPIES!

GIF via Tumblr

Need an bigger memory jog of just how dark and disturbing this “Fantasia” segment was? Check out the full theatrical cut!

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