‘Fast and Furious’: Could a Hobbs spin-off be in the near future?

Fast and Furious fans might soon find one of their favorites in a flick all his own.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, a member of Dwayne Johnson”s inner circle said that conversations are heating up for a Hobbs spin-off movie.

“DJ and I were just talking about [a spin-off] the other day – our visions for it. There's a real goal for that and we can have enough fun with that where we've earned that now with the audience,” said Hiram Garcia, VP of Development for Johnson”s Seven Bucks Productions. “He's a beloved enough character that they'd love to see what a ride with him would be like in his world…We want to take that ride and spin him off and have some fun with it.”

Garcia continued, “I've been in the mix with Chris Morgan, the writer, really dialing in the Hobbs character.”

Johnson first joined the franchise in the 2011 movie Fast 5. The three movies since he signed on have been the highest grossing of the series, raking in an unadjusted $2.9 billion.

Fast 8, which features the whole team of speed racers, is set for an April 2017 release.