Felicity and Patty are in trouble in these new “Flash”/”Arrow” spring promos

The CW released two new promos this week for the spring returns of both “The Flash” and “Arrow”. The promos show Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) and Patty Spivot (Shantel Vansanten) in extreme danger. With so many crazy moments in the winter finales it doesn't look like either show is cooling off anytime soon. Spoiler warning: If you haven't seen the “The Flash” or “Arrow” winter finales you may not want to read ahead!

When “The Flash” concluded it's Trickter-themed episode this past Tuesday night, Barry (Grant Gustin) and his girlfriend, Detective Patty Spivot, were happily drinking hot cocoa at the West residence. Everything seemed calm and Patty even said that she was ready to open up to Barry about her father's death. 

Flash forward to this new promo, and Barry and Patty have gotten so close he is contemplating telling her that he is The Flash. Before he can tell her, Patty is kidnapped by the evil speedster Zoom. The promo doesn't reveal if Zoom is just holding her hostage or threatening her life, but considering what Zoom did to Barry, everyone should be worried for Patty. 

The promo for “The Flash” 2×10 “Potential Energy” can be seen below: 

When “Arrow” wrapped up its winter finale, Darhk (Neal McDonough) was beaten and Team Arrow was rescued. Unfortunately, after Oliver (Stephen Amell) proposed to Felicity (who said yes, of course), Oliver and Felicity were brutally attacked by Darhk's firing squad. Oliver and Felicity escaped, but Felicity was badly wounded. The episode ended with Oliver holding Felicity in his arms almost dead — talk about a cliffhanger!

In the promo for “Arrow's” spring return, Felicity is rushed to the hospital and is in critical condition. While the visuals are scattered and blurry (to reflect Oliver's emotional state) you can clearly see Felicity flatline. The promo ends with Oliver and Barry standing over an unrevealed grave vowing to kill Damien Darhk. 

The promo for “Arrow” 4×10 “Blood Debts” can be seen below: 

These promos leave a lot up to speculate about. Will Barry unmask himself in front of Patty right as she's about to die? Will she accept his truth? And what about Felicity? If she does die, why won't they show us the tomb stone? Obviously there is more that meets the eye with this Felicity death plot. Leave us your thoughts down below!

“The Flash” returns January 19, 2016 and “Arrow” returns January 20, 2016 to The CW at 8/7C.