Felicity may not be Oracle, but is she Death, from the Sandman comics?

“Arrow's” Felicity may not be taking on the mantle of Oracle — a character from DC Comics who puts her hacking to skills to work after she's paralyzed — she may be embracing a different comic book character all together.  

In this exclusive video from Entertainment Weekly, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) can be seen for the first time in a wheelchair. After being shot in “Arrow's” winter finale, it was revealed last week in the spring premiere that Felicity would be paralyzed. In the video below, Felicity is still recovering from surgery and is getting used to her new way of life.

With Felicity being wheelchair-bound, a lot of fans suspected she would become the character Oracle. Oracle is the superhero/hacker name of Barbara Gordon who, after being wounded by the Joker, laid down the Batgirl cape to become Oracle,  working alongside the Birds of Prey. “Arrow” executive producer Wendy Mericle debunked the Oracle theory last week, which begs the question, why is Felicity in a wheelchair if she's not becoming Oracle?

The most interesting part of this clip from “Arrow” is what Felicity is wearing. Her outfit looks A LOT like a certain character from Neil Gaiman's “Sandman” comics. Check it out: 

Whoa. Way to Goth it up, Dark Felicity™! Clearly Felicity is hallucinating from her pain medications, or is she? My editor Donna Dickens pointed out that this Goth-ed up version of Felicity 2.0 looks a lot like the character called Death. In the “Sandman” comics, Death is a personification of the “guide of souls” — the spirit who leads men and women into the afterlife. If Felicity is starting to see this character, does that mean that her battle with Death (literally and figuratively) is not over yet?

“Arrow” airs Wednesday on The CW at 8/7C.