Fergie’s ‘L.A. Love (La La)’ video is a star-studded party bus ride through Socal

11.10.14 5 years ago

Fergie loves L.A. – and she wants to make damn sure you know it.

The “Dutchess” hitmaker (and Hacienda Heights native) is revving up for the release of her second solo album with first single “L.A. Love (La La)” feat. YG, an ode to the City of Angels that in its slick new video features a bevy of famous L.A. natives including Hilary Swank, Tommy Chong, Chelsea Handler, Kelly Osbourne and Taylor Momsen. Okay fine, none of these people are from L.A. But the point is, they love it! And you should too.

Look, living in L.A. isn't like this. I have never once ridden in a Day-Glo double decker bus adorned with a giant calavera, unironically flashed a “West Side” sign, sang “lalalalala” or set foot inside Randy's Donuts. Then again, I clearly don't roll in the same crowd as Fergie. And thank goodness, because this looks exhausting.

Check out the video below, then let us know what you think in the comments.

Fergie's new album is expected to drop sometime next year.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLyP0B2Q-R4%5D

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