Film Nerd 2.0: Santa, ‘Lawrence Of Arabia,’ and the struggle with what’s really real

We didn't even get to the car until about midnight, and Allen was pretty much wiped out by that point. I put him in his seat, and he was asleep before I could make it into the driver's seat.

Toshi, though, was wide awake as we drove out of Hollywood, out the 101, all the way to Northridge. Even with no one else on the road, that's a solid forty-five minutes. Toshi was quiet, thinking, as I started the car.

“That's your favorite movie?”


“Out of all the movies, that's the one you like the most?”


Long pause again as he thought it over. “It's good. It's good.” Another long pause. “I mean, it's not my favorite. But that's good for you.”

I would not be surprised if “Lawrence Of Arabia” confounded either of the boys. It's not a simple movie. But it is a big beautiful movie, and it is full of remarkable things that you don't need to understand Arabic politics to enjoy. I have a rule about “Lawrence,” since it is indeed my favorite film of all time (as discussed in this piece here on HitFix), which is that I try to see it every time it plays theatrically, and I try to take someone with me each time who has not seen it before. There's a 70MM print that goes back and forth between the Aero and the Egyptian that I've seen many times at this point.