Fired “Today” boss reportedly invoked ‘Survivor’ in creating a backbiting workplace

Fired “Today” boss reportedly invoked “Survivor” in creating a backbiting workplace
Staffers were asked which producers should be “voted off the island,” according to The Wrap. That”s one of the reasons why Jamie Horowitz, a hotshot producer from ESPN, was ousted just 78 days into his tenure. According to The Wrap, “Horowitz alienated the entire morning show staff–talent and producers–by telling certain people one thing and others an entirely different thing about issues relating to the show; in some cases, he told producers and talent their colleagues were talking about them behind their backs.”

Survey finds little support for a Bill Cosby NBC comedy
About 72% of a survey of 1,000 people by Variety thought a sitcom comeback was a bad idea.

“Mike & Molly” will replace “The Millers” on Mondays
Last year, “Mike & Molly” replaced the canceled “We Are Men.” This year, it”s “The Millers.”

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Fox is developing a “From Hell” Jack the Ripper TV series
“From Hell,” based on the graphic novel, was already made as a 2001 movie starring Johnny Depp.

Rob Riggle will play a town mayor in a Fox comedy pilot based on a hit Austrian series
In the remake of “Braunschlag,” Riggle will play a small-town mayor who will do anything to save his community.

Parents TV Council objected to a graphic “Sons of Anarchy” sex montage that wasn”t even a Top 5 disturbing moment
As Brian Lowry notes, there have been some truly disturbing scenes of violence this season: “Wherever one falls on the notion of a la carte versus bundling, the fact the program”s sexual content triggered the PTC”s response says a lot about the ongoing disconnect between sex and violence when it comes to what”s deemed permissible on TV.” PLUS: Katey Sagal talks Gemma”s future.

Does “Supernatural” have a “queerbaiting” problem?
As Sadie Gennis explains, “for those unfamiliar with the term, queerbaiting is when a show's producers tease a queer relationship with no intention of ever following through. This is often done to get the benefits of featuring queer relationship – namely, to gain support of the LGBTQ community and profit off their viewership – without having to worry about alienating viewers who would find such relationships objectionable.”