First Look: Al Pacino in David Gordon Green’s ‘Manglehorn’

Today we get our first look at Al Pacino in the upcoming film, “Manglehorn.”  The film is directed by David Gordon Green with a script from Paul Logan.  Green may best be known for directing the films “Pineapple Express,” “Your Highness,” and “The Sitter.”  Amongst other projects, he also directed a dozen episodes of HBO series “Eastbound & Down,” and is the director of the upcoming Nicolas Cage film, “Joe.”

As for this film, outside of Pacino, it also stars Holly Hunter, Chris Messina, and Harmony Korine. The full synopsis for the movie reads as follows, “AJ Manglehorn is an aging, ordinary guy in a small town. He nurses his sick cat, squeezes out a conversation with the local bank teller every Friday, and eats at the same place every day. But there is more to Manglehorn than meets the eye: he’s an ex-con who, 40 years ago, gave up the woman of his dreams for a big ‘job.’ He now obsesses daily over the choices he made. After a dramatic effort to start over, Manglehorn faces a terrifying moment and is unmasked as a guy with a very, very dark past.”

Manglehorn is played by Pacino and as the image included here shows, the man currently works with keys.  The movie is described as a drama and the picture certainly has a gritty, down-to-earth feel to it.

The movie is currently looking for a home.  We will be sure to offer updates as they become available.  Do check out the picture below and tell us what you think.