First Look: ‘Attack the Block’ home video release and box art

Sony announced the DVD and Blu-Ray release of the little movie that could, “Attack the Block.” and were nice enough to send HitFix a first look at the box and some details about the extras as well as a good idea on how they’re going to market it.


The inner city Alien invasion movie features a group of rough and tumble teenagers who find themselves deending their housing project from an invasion of jet black aliens, as well as maneuvering their way around other dangers such as drug dealers and the police.


In an interesting departure from the early days (March of this year) in which the thick working class london accents and slang of the main characters was thought to be a major barrier to releasing the film in the US, it now looks as if they are embracing said accent as an asset instead of a liability.


From the press release:


“It”s an alien invasion, bruv – believe it” and it”s coming to you from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.  “Trust, fam!” 




Click through for DVD details and box art.


I have a pet theory that our ears are all becoming more accustomed to these accents due to the proliferation of them in our online viewing habits. You can get your Wright/Pegg/Frost fix anytime of the day by watching old episodes of ‘Spaced’ and If you haven’t watched ‘Misfits’ yet, do so immediately. It’s a global entertainment village, ain’t it?


Drew championed the film and we co hosted some local screenings of it before Sony picked it up, and it’s great to see a small film like this get the attention it deserves. Even better is the fact that anyone, especially those who live far from an art house theater, can see films like this in their homes.


Check out the DVD box below, and here are few more details on the DVD extras:


Blu-ray and DVD Bonus Material

  • 5 Featurettes:
  • Behind the Block
  • Creature Feature
  • Meet the Gang
  • Unfilmed Action
  • That”s a Rap

3 Filmmaker & Cast Commentaries:

  • Junior Commentary with Writer/Director Joe Cornish with John Boyega, Alex Esmail, Franz Drameh, Simon Howard and Leeon Jones 
  • Senior Commentary with Joe Cornish with Jodie Whittaker, Luke Treadaway and Nick Frost 
  • Executive Producer Commentary with Joe Cornish with Executive Producer Edgar Wright 
“Attack the Block” will be released on DVD and Blu-ray October 25th, 2011
Here’s a clip as an additional taste: