First Look: Jeremy Renner ready for action in ‘Bourne Legacy’ trailer and poster

Matt Damon who? With the following trailer and poster for “The Bourne Legacy,” franchise newbie Jeremy Renner should be putting to rest any questions about being able to fill the very capable shoes of the former “Bourne” series star.

“Bourne” trilogy writer Tony Gilroy acted as writer and director of the latest chapter in the $1 billion franchise, which focuses on a new spy hero (Renner) whose situation was initiated by events that took place in the first three films. It’s based on a book by Eric Van Lustbader, inspired by Robert Ludlum’s original “Bourne” series.

The trailer starts with a very battered-looking Renner being interviewed, and agreeing to sign up for a secretive covert program. He then gets to kick some ass in various locales, including a very cool-looking winter setting. After intense Oscar-nominated performances in “Hurt Locker” and “The Town,” Renner played second fiddle to Tom Cruise in “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol,” and will be fourth or fifth fiddle in “The Avengers” this May. “Bourne Legacy” will see whether or not he can carry an mega-sized action film on his own. I’m betting the answer will be a resounding “yes.”

It also stars newcomers Edward Norton, Oscar Issac and Rachel Weisz, while Joan Allen and Albert Finney reprise their shadowy roles from the Damon films.

Watch the trailer here:

And check out the film’s poster here:

“The Bourne Legacy” opens nationwide August 3.