First look: Keep your eyes on the screen in new ‘Ender’s Game’ image

It’s not much, but fans will still be excited to see the first image of Ender from the long-awaited big screen adaptation of Orson Scott Card’s epic “Ender’s Game.” As a photo, it’s barely even a tease, but it has some freaky science-fiction implications about humanity’s war-mongering, tech-heavy future.

Take a look at Ender’s neck in a photo from the film’s tumblr page:

That’s it for now, but more images should be released soon.

“Ender’s Game,” the first book in a series, takes place in a future where Earth is embroiled in a seemingly endless war with an advanced insectoid alien species known as the Formics. Human children are drafted at a young age and sent to high-tech training facilities where they compete in violent war games (often in zero gravity) and learn complex military strategies while plugged into a computer system.

One of the most gifted of these trainees is Ender (“Hugo’s” Asa Butterfield), with Colonel Graff (Harrison Ford) acting as one of his teachers. The chip thing in Ender’s neck allows Graff to see what Ender sees during his training.

With its pre-teen cast and richly detailed action scenes, Summit is likely hoping that “Ender’s” will be the next “Harry Potter” or “Hunger Games” franchise. Gavin Hood (“X-Men Origins: Wolverine”) is directing from his own adaptation. It also stars Ben Kingsley (also in “Hugo”), Aramis Knight, Hailee Steinfeld, Jimmy Pinchak, and Abigail Breslin.

“Ender’s Game” will be released November 1, 2013.