First ‘Veronica Mars’ trailer teases a Piz-Logan-Veronica love triangle and more

01.03.14 5 years ago 8 Comments
Poor Duncan.
I mean… Not really. Nobody cares about Duncan. Still, Duncan Kane is pretty much the only guy in Veronica Mars’ life with no chance of ending up with her, unless there’s some major twistiness in store this spring from the “Veronica Mars” film, which dropped its first trailer on Thursday (January 2) night.
Within seconds of the trailer hitting the web, first via EOnline and then on the official movie YouTube page, I saw people cheering the high quantity of Chris Lowell’s Piz and mocking the trailer for excessive quantities of Piz. I saw people celebrating the seeming inevitability of a Veronica/Logan pairing and I saw people panicking that the trailer gave too much time to plausible romances that weren’t Veronica/Logan.
If y’all are regular readers/podcast listeners, you know I can’t deal with Logan as a romantic inevitability to this film, but you also know I have no love for Piz. I guess that leaves me rooting for Deputy Leo, since Max Greenfield has a couple seconds in the trailer? Sigh. Of course, I didn’t contribute to the movie’s oversubscribed Kickstarter campaign, so I don’t really get a vote in this one.
The trailer for the March 14 theatrical release gives us a brief picture of the life Veronica Mars has been leading since the series departed in 2007, lays out the major event that would bring her back to Neptune (or the surrounding environs) and gives just a glimpse at everybody from Tina Majorino to Ryan Hanson to Percy Daggs III to Enrico Colantoni (and more).
For those of you who enjoy “Veronica Mars” for reasons that go beyond shipping, there’s some clever dialogue and it looks like your Kickstarter contributes have led to solid production values, with a more mature color scheme than the one showcased on the UPN/CW cult classic. There are only hints at the actual mystery, but since it appears to involve a crime that Logan has been charged with, I’m gonna assume he’s guilty as sin.
Series creator Rob Thomas directed the “Veronica Mars” movie and wrote the script — as HitFix was first to tell you — with longtime series producer Diane Ruggiero.
Check out the first trailer and tell us what you think.

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