Five plotlines that would make an Avengers/X-Men film work

(CBR) Up until recently it seemed like the Marvel Cinematic Universe would forever remain separated from the ever-growing X-Men franchise over at Fox. But now Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige has said that fans shouldn”t worry about the surely byzantine copyright laws currently keeping the Disney-owned Avengers-verse from crossing over with the Fox-controlled mutants.

“I would never say never,” Feige revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Feige did temper expectations by admitting that such a crossover isn”t in the immediate plans, as Marvel Studios has enough characters to play with for now, but that”s no reason why we can”t speculate about exactly what form an Avengers and X-Men big screen crossover would look like. Here are five such crossovers from the comic book that could lead to live-action mayhem.

Find out which plotlines would work in the story gallery below.