Five reasons the ‘iZombie’ pilot should have your blood rushing

(CBR) Despite the setbacks DC”s currently having with getting their big screen projects onto, well, the big screen, they”re absolutely on fire when it comes to television. A number of DC properties have been given the go ahead in the past few months, with “The Flash”, “Gotham” and “Constantine” all at various stages of development at numerous networks. Now they”ve been joined by “iZombie”, a Vertigo series by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred that”s just been given a pilot order at the CW.

With so many comic book television and film deals popping up in feeds seemingly all day every day, it might be easy to let this recent “iZombie” news slip by unnoticed. That”s not good. Before the next big announcement comes, let”s take a moment to recognize just how cool of an announcement this is, and why “iZombie” might just be the comic-to-TV adaptation we”ve been waiting for.