Flashing boobs and Power Ranger activation: An interview with Tokio Hotel

02.20.15 3 years ago

Whenever Tokio Hotel gets ready to play a concert, they gather backstage, circle up, put their hands in the center and give a hearty Power Ranger “Activation!”

If Tokio Hotel is to believed, this is the truth.

We learned that fun nugget and more from our recent HitFix Mix interview, where the four-piece German pop-rock troupe revealed a little more about what makes them nervous and more of their… motivations.

When you flash your boobs at Georg Listing and Tom Kaulitz, for instance, the bassist and guitarist will respectively be almost 100% sure you're flashing at them.

Singer Bill Kaulitz revealed that the band is especially “lazy” in the studio, while Gustav Schäfer admitted that smoking is perhaps one of their most treasured time-killers.

The band last released their album “Kings of Suburbia” and have been promoting singles “Love Who Loves You Back” and “Feel It All”; the music video for the former featured an orgy scene inspired by the German film “Perfume,” so we take it rather seriously when the band says that their music video idea for the next shoot could be rather “shocking.” Maybe they'll preview their ideas while they're on the road in Europe starting in March?

Watch the Mixtape cut of our interview above, where Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav recommend a handful of tracks for you to check out (including one of their own songs — sneaky!). And watch the full interview session below, for more on what Tokio Hotel fights over the most and what it was like the first time they heard themselves on the radio.

Here is Tokio Hotel's HitFix Mix:

Kiesza – Hideway
Joe Bonamassa – Mountain Time
Robyn & Royksopp – Do It Again
Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know
RY X / Frank Wiedemann – Howling
Tokio Hotel  – Covered in Gold

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