Foster the People’s new video for ‘Coming of Age’ doesn’t land its punches

There are so many rituals associated with coming of age, whether it”s getting your school portrait taken, fending off bullies, having your first crush, or running from the cops after committing some minor prank.

In Foster the People”s video for “Coming of Age,” several such milestones are addressed. As the band sings, different scenarios play out, all of them apparently united as coming of age moments.

None of them leaves much of an impact and the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts, so it feels disjointed and not particularly impactful, although we do like the bullied mascot storyline. Directed by BRTHR, the video, unlike one of the fighters, doesn”t land its punches.

“Coming of Age” is  the first single from Foster the People”s forthcoming album, “Supermodel,” out March 18.