Fox orders Malcolm Gladwell’s ‘The Cure’ pilot

08.25.14 4 years ago

Fox orders Malcolm Gladwell”s “The Cure” pilot
The noted New Yorker journalist and bestselling author will write and produce “a provocative character-driven medical thriller about a young, impulsive African American neurologist who decides to take the law into her own hands in the cause of tackling a deadly disease.”

“Doctor Who” returns to its best-ever BBC America debut
Still, the 2.2 million who watched the first airing Saturday night pales in comparison to the UK”s 6.8 million. PLUS: Peter Capaldi is bringing a “marvelously strange energy” to the Doctor.

Miley Cyrus” homeless VMAs date is flying home to his parents in Oregon today
“My son, my youngest baby,” said the mother of Jesse Felt, 22, who called his parents early this morning.

Aaron Paul”s “Breaking Bad” scavenger hunt was a success
Fans got to hang with RJ Mitte and Badger, and at least one lucky fan got to pretend to be killed by one of the Cousins. PLUS: Aaron Paul wore his yellow cooking suit to the scavenger hunt.

Syfy”s “Lost Girl” will end after the upcoming 5th season
Syfy hasn”t announced when the Canadian import”s final 16 episodes will air.

“The Bachelor” creator: If you miss tonight”s “Bachelor in Paradise,” “you will regret it for the rest of your life”
Host Chris Harrison is also advocating that viewers avoid the Emmys. PLUS: Renee Oteri is pregnant

Despite the finale, “True Blood” actually had a very good final season
“If there”s any recent blueprint to follow in closing out a show that should”ve been put to rest a while ago,” says Dee Locket, “it”s 'True Blood.' We can only hope that Ryan Murphy (‘Glee'), Terence Winter ('Boardwalk Empire'), and Shonda Rhimes ('Grey”s Anatomy') took notes.” PLUS: Author Charlaine Harris on the viewer backlash, showrunner is “defiantly proud of what we did,” finale burning questions answered, Kristin Bauer van Straten on Pam”s ending, Alexander Skarsgard says finale was “unbelievable emotional,” no nudity warning foretold a terrible ending, and every question the series finale failed to answer.

Beyonce saved the VMAs
“The VMAs really needed Bey last night,” says Rob Sheffield, “because MTV's annual 'Hey, there's this thing called music and it's not so bad really, P.S. please watch Teen Wolf' bash was short on sparks until she showed up. Here's a brief list of things that were badly missed at this year's VMAs: 1. Players playing. 2. Haters hating. 3. Breakers breaking. And can't forget: 4. Fakers faking. It was one of those nights the stars play it safe, trotting out there to promote their product and act sincere and make sure nobody's feelings get hurt.” PLUS: Why did this year”s VMAs feel so unhip?, the audience cam was more entertaining, and what was up with those “Unpaid Tobacco Spokesperson” ads?

What if “My So-Called Life” returned for a 2nd season?
The actress who plays Angela Chase”s mom reveals the plan for Season 2.

“Veep” beats “House of Cards” in getting Capitol Hill right
The HBO series is “refreshingly familiar” to Congressional staffers, while the characters on “House of Cards” are “merely steely-eyed archetypes stripped of distinguishing personalities.”

“Sons of Anarchy” is trying to find a way to bring Lea Michele back
“Her acting was completely naturalistic,” says director/exec producer Paris Barclay.

The NHL once threatened “The Simpsons” over Krusty puking into the Stanley Cup
A Fox lawyer told producers to ignore the letter over the Season 9 episode, “The Last Temptation of Krust.”

See the new “Walking Dead” teaser
This one focuses on family.

“The Price is Right” announces a male model search
After hiring one male model, the CBS game show is seeking more.

Lena Dunham”s book excerpt reveals something about her that “Girls” doesn”t
The New Yorker”s “Difficult Girl” excerpt shows Dunham has matured as a writer.

Courteney Cox takes the Ice Bucket Challenge
She was nominated by her former “Friend” Jennifer Aniston.

Former “Game of Thrones” star: I thought I was safe because I was alive in the books
Thomas Brodie-Sangster said he received no advance warning Jojen Reed would be killed off. PLUS: “GoT” explained in 3 minutes.

A shark expert went crazy binging on Shark Week over the weekend
PhD student David Shiffman live-tweeted his “real-time descent into madness.”

“Downton Abbey” hasn”t figured out who was responsible for the water bottle
“We don't know whose it was, to be honest,” says Joanne Froggatt.

Watch “Revenge”s” 1st Season 4 teaser
Victoria threatens Emily.

How to throw an “Orange is the New Black”-themed Emmy party
Here are some “prison hacking” tips.

Watch the “Awkward” midseason trailer
“There seems to be some pretty clear proof that she's not faking it,” says showrunner Chris Alberghini.

Looking back at Comedy Central”s many failed news parody shows
From “Chocolate News” to “Sports Show with Norm Macdonald.”

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