Fox Released a 5-Minute Trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence for Some Reason

Trailers can be a really effective way of drawing viewers into a film (or in some cases, pushing them away). But in the age of the internet, asking people to sit through an almost five-minute trailer is kind of silly. I'm looking at you, Independence Day: Resurgence.

Because I'm a fan of the original and feel happily nostalgic about it, I'm not totally against this revamp (though I can't say I was clamoring for them to pick up with the story 20 years later). They kind of lost me when they didn't cast Mae Whitman in her original role of the President's daughter, but I'll probably give this one a shot unless early reviews are terrible.

That said, ten seconds into the new extended trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence and I'm all “skip to the end.”

And this is coming from someone who really loved Independence Day. We were at peak Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum was coming off Jurassic Park and got to say “must go faster” in a second film, and Data was a huge science nerd.

It's not even a bad trailer; it's just unnecessary. The film is set to be released on June 24; we've already gotten the same beats in previous trailers, and let's face it, everyone who was inclined to see it was already going to see it.