Watch: Franz Ferdinand’s new single ‘Right Action’ gets an instructional video

Do you remember Franz Ferdinand’s 2004 breakout single “Take Me Out?” Their new music video for fresh single “Right Action” should jog your memory.

The slick animated clip features a similar style of instructional-manual-meets-lyric-video, as the band mugs old-school. The quartet rocks through their cool chorus and lead singer’s Alex Kapranos allows his wry sarcasm over lines like “Sometimes I wish you were here / weather permitting.”

The instrumentals feel a bit forced, which is why the video helps it to work a bit better, smoothing its odd angles.

“Right Action” is the first single from Franz Ferdinand’s next album, “Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action,” out Aug. 27. It’s their first studio set since 2009’s “Tonight.”

Listen to “Right Action” (and, hell, “Take Me Out” too) below.