Ranking the films of David Fincher from ‘Alien 3’ to ‘Gone Girl’

After premiering at the New York Film Festival nearly a week ago, David Fincher's “Gone Girl” oozes into theaters this weekend. Being the director's 10th film to date made it a round enough number for the movie team here at HitFix to take a deep dive and count down the whole of his filmography.

Fincher's first feature came over 20 years ago and it was a debacle for him. But not even 30 yet, he could handle himself in that pressurized environment. He had already built a career and a company on music videos and commercials. He had already made his mark on pop cultural iconography alongside George Michael Madonna, Aerosmith, Billy Idol, etc. This after coming up in the visual effects side of things as a certified film geek.

His progression as a feature filmmaker, therefore, has been pretty fascinating to examine. You can see how we see that progression in the gallery story below. And feel free to offer up your lists in the comments.

“Gone Girl” opens everywhere tomorrow.