TV Shows on the Bubble 2015: ‘Constantine’ to ‘Mindy’ to ‘Agent Carter’

It's an odd BubbleWatch year. There isn't a “Chuck” or “Parks and Recreation” or “Community” that I'm going to get worked up about, nor am I expecting any word on “Hannibal” in mid-May, since Season 3 starts in late-May.

What I'm saying is that I don't especially care what NBC does and that's unusual. [I guess I'm curious about what happens with “Constantine,” since the pure numbers don't come close to justifying a renewal and yet producers are determined to keep fan hope alive and the DC Comics factor can't be ignored.]

Once again, four of the five networks have been aggressive with their renewals already. 

The CW has renewed everything that aired in the fall and even tossed a pity renewal at “Beauty and the Beast,” even though the current season is being dumped in the summer where nobody will watch it, at least not by those stodgy traditional measurements that The CW pretends don't exist or matter. [I'll hold out hope for “Hart of Dixie” even though we all know darned well that the most recent “Hart of Dixie” season finale was 100 percent a series finale and a good one at that.]

FOX has renewed most of the stuff you care about, leaving only poor Hart Hanson on the Bubble with one show that probably will be back and another show that has very little chance of being back. [I think “Mindy Project” will be back in some form at some point in the season for some probably limited number of episodes, but I can't say with certainty that it'll be back on FOX.]

CBS has renewed a strange assortment of things, so know that “NCIS: New Orleans” will be back, but “NCIS” is technically theoretically on the Bubble. We know that “Scorpion” will be back, but “Criminal Minds” is sorta kinda but not really on the Bubble. [CBS has a lot of wacky shows that really *are* on the Bubble, because you never know what high-rated, long-running, old-skewing drama might be coming to an end. Or not.]

And then there's ABC, which never makes any official renewals until the last three days before upfronts week when suddenly pick-ups and cancelations destroy a perfectly good weekend. So even “How To Get Away With Murder,” which has had ABC promos promising a second season, isn't TECHNICALLY renewed. [ABC also had a half-dozen shows with identical ratings that really are on the bubble.

Renewals and cancellations will be in constant flux until upfronts next month and this gallery contains nearly everything that's in flux, even if it's in flux in name only. 

As a result, it's a huge and generally abusively lengthed gallery and I apologize for that. I assure you that the time it will take you to click through doesn't come close even to the time it took me to make in our CMS, much less the time taken to write the 9000+ words in the gallery. But I still apologize anyway.

BubbleWatch 2015 Gallery Below: