‘Fuller House’ is getting a second season

03.02.16 3 years ago

Despite being almost universally panned by critics for being the same cheesy sitcom it was in its first incarnation, Fuller House is getting another season from Netflix. We'll just have to assume the viewing numbers were good, as Netflix traditionally refuses to release any actual data in that regard.

The show announced the pickup on its Twitter acount:


Maybe this second season will feature the return of Michelle? (Doubtful, considering how the show made fun of her absence multiple times over the course of the first season, and how the Olsen twins seem perfectly happy doing their own, non-acting thing.) 

Perhaps it can give us a thoughtful look at the ballooning cost of living in San Francisco, as the Tanner-Fullers watch as the homes around theirs are sold for 10 times more than their value just a few years ago and the neighborhood rapidly fills with obnoxious techbros? 

With another season in the works, it should be a busy year for Jodie Sweetin — she was announced today as a contestant on the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars. She should have a good shot at the win, too: Her TV sister Candace Cameron Bure was the show a few years ago and can offer advice; and Sweetin has done plenty of dancing in the past, including on the original Full House.

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