Fun. debuts new song, ‘Harsh Lights’ on ‘Jimmy Fallon’: Watch

Fun. returned with the period in its name intact and with new music on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” last night when it  debuted “Harsh Lights.”

The song is anthemic and, as with most fun. tunes, manages to cram a lot of ideas into what at first seems like a light, pop ditty.  I this case, not only does lead singer Nate Ruess manage to squeeze in the word “enunciate” into a song, rhyming it with “date,” he addresses our existential dilemma of navigating the distance between what we need and what we want.

“There”s such a fine line between the things you are and the things you”ve been,” he sings at one point over the mid-tempo track. “We”ve all got scars,” is the song”s topic sentence.

“Harsh Lights” isn”t  as catchy as “Some Nights,” “We Are Young” or “Carry On,” but it does have a very interesting, almost Bowie-esque feel toward the end and a nice build.

This is the first new music we”ve gotten from fun., since 2012″s “Some Nights.”

What do you think of “Harsh Lights?”