You probably didn’t notice that Brie Larson and Leo DiCaprio were BOTH in ‘Room’

02.29.16 3 years ago

In Oscars history, there have been seven instances of actors from the same film winning the top two acting awards in the same Oscars night. Turns out we could consider yesterday”s ceremony the eighth time that”s happened – if we stretch the rules a bit.

Brie Larson won Best Actress for Room and Leonardo DiCaprio finally picked up his first Oscar with a Best Actor win for The Revenant. But did you know he was in Room too?


That tweet was sent out from A24, the distributor of Room. (A24 had plenty of reason to celebrate last night – the indie distributor also picked up Oscars for its films Ex Machina and Amy).

The poster of Leo, apparently in his young heartthrob Titanic days, is on the wall of Larson”s character Joy”s bedroom, which remains a time capsule of her high school years.

The last time the Best Actor and Best Actress awards actually went to the same film, Jack Nicholson and Helen Hunt won for As Good as It Gets in 1998 – the same year Titanic won big at the Oscars.

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