Game Night: ‘Call Of Duty Ghosts’ joins the line-up for our third broadcast

Sometimes an entire week goes by and you barely even turn on the machine.

Last Friday night, we played a good deal of “Titanfall,” and then after the mandatory 475 hour install, we got to play some “Dead Rising 3” as well. This week, a third title showed up from my GameFly account, and late last night, I got “Call Of Duty: Ghosts” fully installed, and then played the first two or three levels. So far, it feels a lot like a “Call Of Duty” game. I thought the addition of Riley-vision, where you can control your German Shepherd like it's a drone plane, was sort of wackadoo, but that's one of the things I like about gaming… crazy ideas appear in all sorts of games.

Other than last night, though, I haven't had time for anything this week. I haven't watched anything at home, and I haven't had any time for gaming. I was on the road until Wednesday, I was busy with my kids all weekend, and then once I got back to town, I've been writing non-stop to catch up.

That's why Game Night is something I'm starting to really look forward to now each week. I love knowing that I've got some time set aside to play the various games I rent and own, and hopefully I'm starting to put together a group of people who can be part of Game Night each week moving forward.

Tonight, I'm going to start with some “Call Of Duty,” and one thing I want to do is use the time while I'm playing to give you guys some content that you can't get anywhere else on HitFix. To that end, I'm going to be doing reviews of various home video titles as I play. If I'm lucky, my friend Kim will be around tonight so we can play some “Dead Rising 3.” If not, then it's “Titanfall” for the second half of tonight's broadcasting event.

In addition, you're going to see another person posting on the HitFix Twitch page soon. Donna Dickens works for us primarily at Riot! right now, but she's a longtime PC gaming fan, and I want her to also start sharing her perspective on gaming. We're never going to become a game-centric site, but the point of our recent attempts to add more coverage is that we consume games the way many people do, as part of an overall media diet. While films are my primary focus, I also love television and comics and books and games, and there has to be a place for all of that here on HitFix since we assume that you guys are the same way. For me, the pleasure of adding an XBox One to the house is that it's such a great social gaming platform. If I'm going to spend my Friday nights enjoying the various AAA titles coming out in the future, then I want to do so with my friends and with you guys. That'll make it feel worthwhile.

For now, you can watch the broadcast live starting at 8:30 PM PST, or you can wait and see the final embeds here at HitFix once I'm done. If you want to play with me at all tonight, look for me as FatherFilmNerd.

You can join us for Game Night online at HitFix on TwitchTV.