Game of Bastards: A Rundown of Westeros’ Most Famous Fatherless Children

In a world of arranged marriages, illegitimate children are going to happen. In the world of Westeros, you can”t swing a dead dragon without hitting a dozen bastard offspring of the nobility. Hey, when the Great Houses aren”t at war with each other, they have to stay occupied somehow.

While being born outside of marriage is supposed to hamper a child”s upwards societal mobility, in reality, that isn”t always the case. If both of your parents were highborn, there”s a distinct possibility you”ll be raised in the lap of luxury. If your father was noble but your mother was a prostitute or a commoner, you better hope you were born in Dorne if you have ambition or be willing to distinguish yourself in battle. If your mother was noble and your father wasn”t? Congrats, you don”t even know you”re a bastard!

From Snow to Sand, in the video above (and below) get to know all the illegitimate children that are making their mark on Westeros.