‘Game of Thrones’: 10 burning questions for season three

06.04.12 7 years ago 28 Comments

Sunday night wrapped up another 10 episode season of “Game of Thrones,” and once again we’re left with more questions than answers. That’s not a bad thing, since it feels like this show will be around for a long time, and we’re happy to enjoy the ride.

Alan Sepinwall already weighed in on the finale, and posed some of his questions about what’s to come. If you’ve read the books, you may already know (or think you know) what comes next. Those sorts of spoiler-y discussions are encouraged on the message board for book readers.

For the new fans who haven’t yet taken the plunge into George R.R. Martin’s written word, we’ve compiled 10 big questions we’ll be pondering until season three…

10. Will Brienne get Jamie Lannister to his destination in one piece?
They almost got busted in the finale, but Brienne’s no fool. She’s a badass and single-handedly took on three armed men who wanted to capture the Kingslayer for themselves.

9. What does Lord Varys have planned for Littlefinger?
Always scheming in their corners of the castle, Varys and Littlefinger seem to be headed for more direct confrontation as Varys recruits the prostitute Ros for some sort of plan to undermine his rival.

8. What’s next for the show’s de facto lead, Tyrion?
After his heroic turn in last week’s epic installment, we didn’t get much Tyrion action this week (aside from a sweet declaration of love from Shae, who didn’t balk at his newly battle-scarred face). Now that Joffrey is back on the throne, Cersei is still wielding her power and Tywin has returned, he’ll be on the outs in the kingdom but he makes it clear he loves the challenge.

7. What’s the deal with Jaqen?
Arya’s magical assassin friend pulled one of his freakiest tricks yet in the season finale: shapeshifting before her eyes. He left her with a coin in case she ever needs him again, and something tells us she will…

6. What is the King Beyond the Wall like?
We’re guaranteed to see a whole slew of new characters next season — casting alerts have already leaked out revealing who many of them will be — but the one newcomer those of us who haven’t read the books are probably most curious to meet is the person Jon Snow is soon to come face to face with: the King Beyond the Wall.

5. How is Theon Greyjoy still alive?
If there was one clear character arc emerging this season it seemed to be the rise and fall of Greyjoy, a wannabe leader woefully unequipped for the power games of Westeros. And yet he ended the season conked on the head and getting dragged out of Winterfell like a sack of potatoes. Is there really more left for him to do?

4. What happens to Sansa now?
With an assist from Cersei and Pycelle, Joffrey ditched his betrothed for the scheming Margery — much to Sansa’s delight, and ours. But Littlefinger warns her she’s not in the clear yet, Joffrey will only treat her worse if she’s not going to be his wife, and Littlefinger vows to personally get her to Winterfell. Can she trust the man who betrayed her father? (Sweet Jesus, of course not. But who can she trust?)

3. What did Stannis see in the fire?
Defeated and distraught, Stannis took out his anger on Melisandre — nearly choking her to death. But she insists his day of glory will come, and managed to convince him too by showing him something mysterious inside the fire she worships.

2. Are the White Walkers back for good?
We haven’t seen them since that glimpse in the series premiere, but that was enough to clue us in that they play a large role in the overall story “Game of Thrones” is telling. Now that their epic re-reveal has served as the season two cliffhanger it’s only fair to expect a lot more of them to come, right?

1. Now that she has her dragons back, is there any stopping Dany?
It’s the same question we had at the end of season one, only amplified by the fact that the young dragons are breathing fire. Dany was at the center of the finale’s strongest sequence as she stepped inside the House of the Undying, found herself in a wintry version of the Iron Throne room and shared a tender moment with her late beloved Khal Drogo. But instead of getting distracted by hallucinations, Dany kept her eye on the prize. She’s coming for that throne, and more than anyone else, she seems worthy of it.

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