‘Game of Thrones’ episode accidentally leaked by…HBO

05.23.16 3 years ago


HBO keeps upcoming episodes of Game of Thrones a tightly guarded secret. But a major goof meant a copy of Sunday”s show was flying around on torrent sites hours before the program even aired.

According to TorrentFreak.com, “The Door” was accidentally made available via HBO Nordic more than 24 hours prior to air time. Once it was discovered, it soon made its way into the world of the video pirates. They quickly began sharing it as well as posting episode recaps and spoiler alerts aplenty.

Whether they want it or not, GoT has earned the title of “Most Pirated TV Show” each year since 2012. The finale for 2015 was illegally downloaded 14+ million times. This season, piracy showed no sign of slowing down as the first episode of the year was downloaded more than 1 million times within 24 hours of air time.

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