‘Game Of Thrones’ Iron Throne Has A Lord of the Rings Secret

An eagle-eyed Redditor who goes by the name of NoMoreHodoring noticed there was something familiar about one of the swords embedded in the Iron Throne on HBO's 'Game of Thrones.' A quick perusal of their 'Lord of the Rings' films confirmed it. Somehow Gandalf's sword Glamdring ended up in the twisted wreck that is the Iron Throne. Right down to the blue gemstone. 

What does it mean?! Are Westeros and Middle Earth the same place? Did Gandalf side with Rhaegar in the uprising? Is Westeros the fifth or seventh Age of Man? Is Gandalf the white or the grey? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Of course the reality is the prop designers either grabbed a handful of whatever swords were available for welding or stuck this in as an Easter egg because you gotta have fun at work no matter where you're employed. My money's on the latter though because it gets even weirder.

In the comments, another Redditor noticed one of the swords to the right of Gandalf's also look familiar. As if it were the sword of Robin of Locksley. And they're totally right.

A third Redditor chimed in that they were on set when the Iron Throne was being constructed and that a lot of the swords came from the film 'Kingdom of Heaven.' Using that as a start I went looking and sure enough, dead center is what appears to be Orlando Bloom's blade. 

So either this is one astronomically high coincidence or the designers of the Iron Throne purposely clustered the three most famous swords together in the center and sat back to wait for someone to notice. To them I only say, sorry it took us four years to notice.