‘Game of Thrones’ is having HBO’s 2nd most-watched season; ‘Sopranos’ Season 5 is No. 1

06.06.13 6 years ago

“Game of Thrones” is having HBO’s 2nd most-watched season; “Sopranos” Season 5 is No. 1

So far, “GoT” has been averaging 4.9 million viewers, up 30% over last year.

“American Horror Story” may get an online talk show
FX boss John Landgraf says there’s a good chance the “Coven” season will get a companion show, but it’ll likely be online.

Are HBO’s “Game of Thrones” parental guidelines too spoilery?

This week’s episode warned of “Graphic Violence, Adult Content, Adult Language.” PLUS: Meet the “hair designer” of “Game of Thrones,” and “Thrones” reimagined as a “Mortal Kombat”-like game.

On magazine covers, female TV stars are outselling their movie counterparts

Film stars used to outsell TV stars on magazine covers, but not anymore.  Magazines are finding that putting a female TV star on the cover outsells magazines with a female movie star. Why? Because female TV stars are more likely to be accessible (Zooey Deschanel) or identifiable (Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope).

Lawsuit accuses Oprah Winfrey Network of stealing its philosophy

A woman named Susan Kasi claims her idea of starting a channel devoted to therapeutic programming was lifted by Discovery and OWN.

“Sopranos” creator David Chase isn’t much of a TV watcher — he only watches 2 shows
And those two shows, “Mad Men” and “Boardwalk Empire,” were created by his former “Sopranos” writers. Chase admits trying but failing to watch “Breaking Bad” because he started with Season 4.

Stop freaking out over spoilers!

Why being spoiled about your favorite TV show isn’t the end of the world.

“The Baby Bachelor” makes the “cover” of Us Weekly
“Baby Bachelor Shocker!”

Sally Struthers speaks out about Jean Stapleton’s death
She last saw her “All in the Family” mom two years ago.

Samuel L. Jackson on “S.H.I.E.L.D.”: “I want to be in that too”
Will Nick Fury make a cameo? Jackson says Joss Whedon told him he can’t hire him.

France’s “Real Housewives” is filmed in Beverly Hills

While Israel’s and Greece’s “Real Housewives” look a lot like the original, filming in their home countries, France’s “Real Housewives” has to film in California because, as one French network exec put it, “we have rich, glamorous women, of course, but they would never expose themselves in that manner.”PLUS: Watch the promo for “Les Vraies Housewives de Beverly Hills.”

Why pick “Hart to Hart” for  “The Greatest Event in Television History” sequel?

Adam Scott says of tonight’s late-night Adult Swim homage: “I think we just watched everything and tried to find something that had the most spectacular and fun and ridiculous opening credits. It was just such a fun one. There’s so much fun, flashy stuff to do in it.”

“Arrested Development’s” Season 4 pop song is hard to get out of your head

And “Getaway” is barely a pop song. PLUS: Will we start calling people “anustart”?, and news anchor John Beard was surprised to get so much screentime.

Ernie Hudson joins TNT’s “Lost Angels”
The “Ghostbusters” star will play a mobster.

“Sex and the City” cast: Then & Now
In honor of the 15th anniversary see what Smith and Steve Brady look like now. PLUS: “Sex’s” most ghastly fashion moments.

“SNL’s” Jay Pharoah unveils his Lil Wayne impression
Is it better than the real thing?

“Princesses” star apologizes for calling a Long Island village a “ghetto”

“I was stressed, overwhelmed, and not thinking,” said Ashlee White, who is catching the ire of Freeport residents with her comment.

CBS to adapt Canadian comedy “Taxi-22” with producer James Gandolfini
The project was originally set at HBO with Gandolfini starring, but producers will look for a new star.

“Revenge’s” Emily VanCamp pens an environmental essay for Huffington Post
“Environmental causes, all of them, are so close to my heart,” she explains.

Take a tour of the new “Simpsons” theme park Fast Food Blvd

How’s the Krusty Burger?

Watch a preview of “Necessary Roughness” Season 3, featuring John Stamos
Stamos is playing Callie Thorne’s potential new boss.

TNT unveils reality competition “72 Hours”

The show from the producers of “Extreme Makeover” put three teams of strangers in a challenging environment.

BBC America’s “In the Flesh” offers an impressive take on zombies
The 3-part miniseries focuses on anti-zombie violence, with zombies as a metaphor for immigrants.

USA’s “Graceland” is a “deep shallow” kind of show

“It’s eye candy and brain candy,” says Matt Zoller Seitz, which means it’s unusual for a USA series. PLUS: Don’t call “Graceland” “darker” or edgier” than typical USA fare, and the real story of “Graceland.”

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