‘Game of Thrones’ just cast another Red Priestess — 4 theories on what that means

“Game of Thrones” doesn”t return until 2016, but casting is already well under to fill the ranks for next season. To that end Deadline has announced the casting of Melanie Liburd as the Red Priestess. Melisandre is no longer alone. But just where does this new follower of R”hllor fit into the narrative?

We”ve got a couple of options.

#1 – Liburd is a gender swapped version of Moqorro.
In “A Dance with Dragons,” the High Priest of R”hllor sends a priest to offer assistance to Daenerys. Moqorro books passage to Qarth, knowing full well the ship will never make it because he is better at reading the flames than Melisandre is. Instead the Red Priest winds up overboard during a storm he predicted and is taken aboard Victarion Greyjoy”s fleet where he offers both magical healing and prophecy.

#2 – The temple of R”hllor in Oldtown.
We know Sam and Gilly are headed to Oldtown. We know there is a temple to the Red God in Oldtown. If Sam takes an interest in uncovering the history of Melisandre”s faith (for Asshai exposition purposes), he would need an insider to talk to.

#3 – Instead of the High Priest preaching Dany is Azor Ahai, we”ll have a High Priestess.
In Volantis, the High Priest Benerro is feared for his power. He is also adamant that Daenerys is the Chosen One of their faith and encourages his followers to back her. While Tyrion and Varys already witnessed a Red Priestess preaching last season, there”s no reason to believe this was a lone incident. We”ve met the High Septon and those in charge of the Many-Faced God. Perhaps it”s time for the other major religion in this universe to reveal its leader.

#4 – We”re going to Asshai-by-the-Shadow.
The least likely as even the books have yet to venture as far as Asshai, where the Ash meets the Jade Sea and the Shadow Lands are populated by strange peoples. But it is the birthplace of the R”hllor faith and the homeland of the woman in the red lacquered mask. So much of the “Game of Thrones” lore is tied up in this mysterious land that we have to go there eventually, right?

Or it could be none or these things. What do you guys think?

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