An Iconic ‘Game Of Thrones’ Weapon Makes A Subtle Appearance In Netflix’s ‘Castlevania’

07.08.17 10 months ago 2 Comments


A brutal, unrelenting medieval tale in which a dark evil hangs over a hero from a famous family tasked with protecting those that cannot protect themselves. Castlevania sounds familiar, which is why those who don’t know much about the legendary gaming series may love the familiar themes it shares with Game of Thrones.

Beyond the insurmountable monstrous forces that face Castlevania‘s protagonists, the Belmonts (like the white walkers the people of Westeros defeated long ago), Game of Thrones shares more than just themes with Netflix’s gory new animated show from Adi Shankar — it has a direct nod to one of the most iconic weapons in Westeros: Longclaw.

Redditor RFarmer was likely powering through the (too short) series when he noticed Jon Snow’s white walker-slicing tool Longclaw hanging up behind this blacksmith.

Netflix via Rfarmer on Reddit

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