‘Game of Thrones’: Season 6 finale to be longest episode in series history

For those who think an hour of Game of Thrones each week is never enough, there”s some good news. The season finale will be super-sized.

HBO has revealed that the June 26 episode will clock in at a whopping 69 minutes, this according to The Wrap. It”s also important to note that this will be the longest episode in the program”s history.

GoT is winding down as a series. With only one or two more seasons until we find out who ends up on the Iron Throne, every moment is precious and savored by fans. So it”s unlikely that anyone will complain about the bonus TV that producers are delivering.

The episode, titled “The Winds of Winter” (Winter”s clearly coming), will be directed by multi-time GoT director Miguel Sapochnik. Oh, and make sure to program your DVR accordingly.