Watch: Garbage swims into a ‘Big Bright World’ in new video

It may be a “Big Bright World,” as the song”s title indicates, but for the video for the tune, Garbage sees things pretty much in black and white, at least at the start.

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The song, which is the second European single from “Not Your Kind Of People,” is a beautifully-shot visual feast that relies more on stunning imagery then any kind of linear story line. Lead singer Shirley Manson is in a church, perhaps in mourning since she appears to be in all black and in a veil, but other folks are falling into the water and seemingly drowning as they “rage against the dying light.”

As the swimmers spin and twirl under water, colors start to explode breaking through the black and white. Manson, in the meantime, hangs out in a cemetery. Don’t worry, we don”t understand it either.  And, yeah, there”s also a cat.

A second single for the U.S. will be released shortly.

Do you think Manson is already dead or that she dies in the end?