Exclusive: Want to see Gary Busey ‘Piranha 3DD’ outtakes? Of course you do

When someone contacts you and asks if you want to see Gary Busey bloopers from the sequel to “Piranha,” the answer is ABSOLUTELY NO QUESTION “yes.”

All I needed to hear was “Gary Busey” and “bloopers,” because I can only imagine what it looks like when he gets something wrong.  The performances they cut together of his these days look like outtakes in the first place, barely sane collections of reaction shots that only loosely relate to what’s happening around him, so bloopers?  Please.  As many as possible.

Busey is a big personality, and at this point, you know what you’re getting when you cast him.  I give him credit for holding together this sort of niche he’s carved out, finding films that can make use of his particular presence and his box-office percentages in the overseas financing game.  Thanks to some of the hits he’s been in, Busey can help get a film made.  He is a vital piece of the chess board, and I seriously respect any working actor who figures that out for themselves.  Lots of people appear in movies.  Not many people do it for forty or fifty years in a row.

I get the feeling I’m not going to see “Piranha 3DD” before it opens.  That’s a bummer, because I thought the remake was silly and fun, and the trailer for this one makes it look like a whole lot more of that.  I also didn’t realize until I just looked this up that John Gulager was directing and Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton wrote the film.  I’m glad they didn’t hand the film franchise off to just anyone.  Who knew, when “Project Greenlight” was on the air, that these guys would be the ones who actually got careers and that they’d still be making films this many years later? And even together.  It makes me happy.

Even if I don’t have to review the movie, I’m planning to catch up to it as soon as I get back.  It sounds like demented fun, and why not support the sort of horror and science-fiction you wanted as a child? I’m just sad that it sounds like there really isn’t much of a market for B-movies to go theatrical anymore.  This one looks like “B” all the way, and with a film like this, I’m guessing that’s sort of the point.

“Piranha 3DD” opens June 1, 2012.