Get your ‘Game of Thrones’ fix with new footage from Season 5

Winter is coming…sometime in April? Which seems counter-intuitive, but maybe Westeros is in the southern hemisphere.

Anyway! Ahead of Season Five, fans have been clamoring for any information we can get. So far, it”s been slim pickings. Tiny, nine second snippets billed as ‘Future Sight” courtesy of the three-eyed raven are but tantalizing morsels to a starving fan base.

But now, a FEAST FOR CROWS! As part of the HBO Year End supercut, the company released a hefty amount of footage from their new 2015 shows. Including “Game of Thrones.”

So much to see in such a small amount of time! We”ve got determined Cersei surrounded by guards, Jon Snow talking to the boy who murdered his wildling lover for murdering the kid”s dad (seems fair), Tyrion Lannister: Fugitive At Large, and Arya Stark on the banks of somewhere quite familiar to book readers.