‘Godzilla’ star Bryan Cranston says he enjoys playing the outcast

Sure, “Godzilla” is named after the giant monster, but Bryan Cranston may be the film's biggest draw.

HitFix's Josh Lasser caught up with the “Breaking Bad” Emmy winner to discuss his role in the new film. Watch the interview at the top of the story.

“I've played a lot of outcasts before,” he chuckles, explaining that his character is “devoted to his family, yet preoccupied with this dilemma that he has.” The “dilemma,” of course, dealing with the titular giant monster. Cranston's Joe Brody is a loner scientist who is written off as a kook for believing in Godzilla…until the Big Green Guy makes an appearance.

When asked if he consciously tries to play different types of roles in order to avoid being pigeon-holed as one type of character (a meth-cooking chemistry teacher, for example), Cranston agrees.

“If you have a considerable amount of luck in this business you get to be known for a certain thing, and then it's up to the actor themselves and their team to re-direct that attention, so not to build on the same thing and become a derivative of yourself, but to look for new opportunities to express yourself in different ways. Very consciously had I planned out where I wanted to go next.”

So, what's left for him to do? Why, a Broadway musical of course. “I would first have to learn how to sing…,” Cranston laughs.  

“Godzilla” also stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Ken Watanabe, Juliette Binoche, and was directed by Gareth Edwards.

It opens May 16.