Good news! J.K. Rowling has already written the sequel to ‘Fantastic Beasts’

J.K. Rowling is set to debut her screenwriting skills with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on November 18th but director David Yates has revealed she's already done with the sequel and working on the third installment. She must be using a Time-Turner.

We learned Fantastic Beasts was the start of a trilogy back in 2014 but at the time it was more of a “well of course, everything is getting a trilogy these days” rather than a reality.

Fast forward to 2016 as we're waiting to see what this Harry Potter prequel spinoff will be and learning more about the North American wizarding world, the Legends of Tarzan and Fantastic Beasts director has given us a reality check.

“We've done the first one, she's written the second one. She”s got ideas for the third one,” Yates told GSNews. I was just saying the other day that Rowling's North American school history could easily spawn another seven books and in turn another series of films but I'm still in awe of her turning what was basically a textbook into three full films.

Yates also talked about how excited he is about the audience being able to discover this new world.

No one quite has ownership of them yet in terms of having a relationship with the material, other than the relationship they”ll have with the movie when it comes out. So, it”s sort of lovely in a way. When we adapted the books, you would always have to leave out things that you hated leaving out because they didn”t quite work within the structure of the storytelling for the movie or the movie would just be far too long. With this, it”s just pure Jo from the first page to the last page.

I'm currently re-reading the book series in anticipation of the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script book but after re-watching the Order of the Phoenix movie this week I wondered why they didn't make two films out of that book instead of Deathly Hallows.  There's times when a trilogy isn't necessary (I'm looking at you, The Hobbit) but I think the wizarding world is one of the few franchises where you can never make enough content to feed fan hunger.

What do you think about Fantastic Beasts being a trilogy?

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