Calm down, hipsters: 7 other photos of Daft Punk without their helmets

Now that Daft Punk are cool to like again by people who aren’t couch-surfing in Echo Park, a blurry photo of the electronic duo eating macaroons and drinking champagne without their trademark helmets on virtually exploded the internet today, resulting in a horrifying flurry of corny headlines (“Daft Punk Unmasked,” “Human After All,” “Daft Punk Mystery Solved!”) that trumpeted the unveiling of the French electro-popsters’ “never-before-seen” visages and outraged many of the group’s mystery-craving fans who now, apparently, have nothing left to live for.

In the process of this unfettered insta-news orgy, sleep-deprived online journalists all over the world also apparently forgot that Google Image Search is a thing that exists. Otherwise they might have found some or all of the photos included in the below gallery and subsequently come to realize what a non-story the whole thing was to begin with.

Editor’s note: Daft Punk have actual human names, and those names are Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, the latter of which is just a mouthful.

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