Grammys: Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ Performance was, well, weird

I've been thinking about Pharrell's performance of “Happy” at the 2015 Grammys. Sure, he's probably sick of performing that juggernaut hit. He probably felt a need to change it up. After all, it was nominated for an Oscar more than a year ago. So he went with the following performance. We have five suggested lyrical changes for it.

1. Clap along if you serve lunch on the Orient Express.

2. Clap along if you feel like performing a strange one-act play for the first quarter of your song.

3. Clap along if you wear yellow sneakers like a member of the Burger King Kids Club.

4. Clap along if you got your fancy shorts on sale at Zara.

5. Clap along if Orlando tourists see your gloves and want to pose for pictures with you.