Grant Gustin explains why ‘Flash’ won’t get too dark, plus The 3 H’s of ‘Flash’

03.16.15 3 years ago

For all of its levity, “The Flash” has always had as its backdrop the death of Barry Allen's mother and his father's conviction.

Things took a darker turn in a recent episode when evidence suggested that Young Barry had witnessed time-bending Flash Barry on the night of the murder. This revelation meant two key things: The first, that time-travel was something that might become a part of Barry's skill-set, but the second being the sad knowledge that even by going back in time, Barry hadn't averted the tragedy.

It's the kind of morbid information that could linger as the season progresses, but on Saturday's (March 14) PaleyFest 2015 purple carpet, Grant Gustin told me that hasn't exactly been the case.

“I've actually been wanting for it to linger more. We haven't addressed it too much, because there've been so many other things to focus on,” Gustin said in the video interview above.

When I suggested that “The Flash” might not be as interested in going that dark for fear of entering “Arrow” tonal terrain, Gustin agreed that “The Flash” will continue to be its own thing.

“Yeah, it will get dark at times, but there's always going to be something in  the episode to alleviate some of that darkness, for sure,” he said.

In our chat, Gustin also weighed in on why he isn't worried that a potential “Flash”/”Arrow” dual spinoff might dilute the brand of his show.

The key, as Hustin explained, is The Three H's: Heart, Humor and Heroics.

Check out the full Grant Gustin interview above, also including details on how the star has adapted to and improved in his Flash suit. 

“The Flash” returns to The CW on Tuesday, March 17.

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