‘Gravity’s’ Alfonso Cuaron: Sandra Bullock’s performance deserves more recognition

03.03.14 4 years ago 6 Comments

Sure, she was nominated for an Oscar – but given the amount of attention that's been heaped on “Gravity's” technical achievements, Best Director winner Alfonso Cuaron still doesn't think enough attention has been paid to Sandra Bullock's performance in the film.

“It was good that a lot of great people that were around that make this film happen, particularly from the editorial standpoint, were acknowledged,” said Cuaron of the film's whopping seven wins at Sunday night's big show. “Part of the editorial thing – that yes, I said it before – that I think is very important is that we are serving performances, and I don't think that enough was said about Sandra's performance.”

And he wasn't finished there.

“The amazing thing actually is not so much the visual effects aspect, but the surprising thing was Sandra,” he continued. “That under the conditions that she was performing…[it] was as if we were doing just a scene at the dinner table.  So there was no obstacle around all the physicality, all the strain, all the complicated amount of cues that required ?? and the amazing amount of make?believe that it was required.  It's like she had to absorb absolutely everything.  Her power of abstraction was fantastic.  And no, not because I did a good job, it's because Sandra is amazing.”

So how does he feel about being the first Mexican to win the Best Director Oscar? Click on the video above to watch the full press conference.

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