‘Grey’s Anatomy’: What did you think of April’s decision?

If you haven't seen the midseason premiere of “Grey's Anatomy” but are a fan of the show, you probably know the big cliffhanger was what April was going to do after Jackson's protestation of love. It's always great when a guy feels comfortable sharing his feelings, though it's a little less great when said guy decides to stand up and shout them at you as you're about to marry another guy. Timing is everything, isn't it?

So, spoilers, spoilers, spoilers… but those of you who saw the episode know that April pulled a scene from “The Graduate” (and about a million soap operas) by grabbing Jackson's hand and running the hell out of the beautiful, rustic barn in which she was about to get hitched. Just as in “The Graduate,” her initial elation (and Jackson's as well) was short-lived. Once she got into the car, she had that “oh crap” moment you'd expect when you ditch your intended in front of your friends, family, and a church professional.

Though we knew April and Jackson drove off into the sunset, initially it seemed as if they'd broken up shortly thereafter. They weren't speaking to one another at the hospital, and their poor co-workers were starved for gossip. What happened? WHAT HAPPENED? Bailey looked like she might pop an aneurysm just from the stress of not knowing the latest news. 

The rest of the episode was taken up with plot lines big in small (in the fun category, the cat guy; in the less fun category, the death of Alex's dad and Owen hazing Shane). It's only as we're cruising into the final minutes that we find out that April Kepner has actually become Mrs. Jackson Avery. Cue flashback!

When April asked what the plan was, Jackson suggested they just go get hitched (I was surprised no one said, hey, at least we're dressed for it). Three weeks later their secret is about to out, though, as Stephanie has filed a complaint with HR about how uncool it was for an extremely hot doctor to get involved with her when he still had the hots for another co-worker. Actually, I'm pretty sure that sounded better on paper. 

Now, only co-workers on the same level as one another (no shtupping subordinates!) can date, unless the unequal partners got married previous to the new rule being implemented. Good for Jackson and April, not so good for Alex and Jo. I expect there's going to be a furious stampede of traffic at the hospital chapel, followed shortly thereafter by quickie divorces. Hey, this is “Grey's,” after all. Is it just going to be married sex in the supply closet? How conventional. 

While Jackson and April seem blissfully happy at the moment, I feel terrible for Matthew and Stephanie, the jilted significant others. While Stephanie is clearly stuck in the anger phase of coping, we have no updates on Matthew, who really seemed perfect for April in every way except for not being Jackson. I'm sure we'll see some kind of awkward scene between the two, as surely someone left a sweat shirt at someone else's place. 

But, other than the ugly aftermath we're only just now beginning to see (Stephanie's way of dealing with Avery is business only coated with a thin veil of contempt), the newly marrieds seem to be doing just swell, making salads and hugging in, I'm assuming, Jackson's swank bachelor pad. I'm wondering if April is going to keep all the gifts, though. I mean, she did get married, after all. 

Do you think April made the right decision?