‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ director shuts down those cameo rumors…ALL of them


“Guardians of the Galaxy 2” isn”t set for release until May 5, 2017 but as summer blockbuster production moves at a glacial pace, writer/director James Gunn is already up to his eyeballs in it. To celebrate his completion of the sequel”s second draft, Gunn took to Twitter to answer fan questions.

Between the film genre he”d like to make (Western) and the character he”d most like to add to the MCU canon (Bat-Mite), Gunn took a minute to dash the hopes of fans everywhere when he went on record to say that cameo wasn”t happening. ‘Which cameo?” you may ask.


Via Twitter
Via Twitter

Of course, the first rule of Marvel is “Marvel lies” but I”m currently inclined to believe Gunn. While most people would love to see HULK IN SPAAAAAAAACE, there are plenty of other places Dr. Banner could pop up instead. As for Captain Marvel? Her film isn”t slated for release until after “Infinity War Pt 1” so I wouldn”t be surprised if she showed up there.

But if you were worried about a lack of ladies in “GotG 2,” James Gun also implied he was actively engaged in fixing that discrepancy.

Via Twitter

Should Gunn be adding another lady to to the roster, there are several good options already in the comic lore he could pull from. Least likely would be Star-Lady aka Kitty Pryde for obvious mutant reasons. On the other end of the spectrum, the most likely suspects would be either Moondragon or Quasar. While both ladies are technically human, that could easily be glossed over as it was for Drax in the first film. Personally pinning my hopes on Quasar, as she has a direct link the Captain Marvel lore.

What do you guys think about both the confirmation of no cameos and the idea of another woman joining the team?

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