‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ deleted musical sequence will be on

(CBR) Marvel”s “Guardians of the Galaxy” is known for its use of “80s music to great effect – in fact, it”s a linchpin for the film, with many musical sequences played from Peter Quill”s “Awesome Mix” showing up at key points.

Director James Gunn recently took to Facebook to tease that there was another musical sequence that left on the cutting-room floor. However, don”t worry: It”ll be included on the Blu-ray release. The filmmaker posted a photo of himself next to actor Spencer Wilding, who played the Nova Corps guard at Knowhere who confiscated Peter Quill”s Walkman, holding a small container of Play-Doh. Why Play-Doh?

“I would keep a pile of little Play-Doh containers onset, and if someone did an especially amazing job that day – whether it was an actor, a grip, a stunt man, or a PA – they”d get a canister of Play-Doh,” Gunn explained. “I probably only gave about 40 containers out over the entire shoot – on an 85 day schedule with a crew of a couple hundred, that isn”t much.”

Gunn said Wilding earned his Play-Doh for the cut scene, which involved him dancing to another “80s classic from the “Awesome Mix.”

“He danced through the prison listening to Quill”s Walkman (specifically, ‘Magic” by Pilot),” he said. “We cut the scene for many reasons, but it was awesome and hilarious and Spence more than deserved his rarely-given Play-Doh (and, yes, before you ask me a thousand times below, it WILL be on the Blu-Ray outtakes, and no I will not tell you the release date – you can go see the movie again! It”s still out!)”                 

According to the filmmaker, he chose Play-Doh as a reward because he “love[s] the smell of it.”

“Opening a new container and smelling it puts me in a creative, child-like place,” he wrote.

Guardians of the Galaxy” is in theaters now.