‘Guardians of the Galaxy’s’ Glenn Close is looking forward to more Marvel

and 08.05.14 5 years ago

(CBR) Being in charge of the Nova Corps isn”t an easy job. But for Glenn Close, it”s a fun one.

And with a sequel to “Guardians of Galaxy” already in the cards, the six-time Oscar nominee makes it clear she”s ready and eager to return as Nova Prime.

“When you play a character who they love and are amused by, hopefully they”ll see more of you,” she told USA Today. “Especially at this point in my career, it”s fantastic. To be in the beginning of literally a whole new universe for people is really fun.”

Close added that she was attracted to the Marvel space adventure because it reminded her of the original “Star Wars” films, in its whimsical tone and cast of characters.

“You don”t only get introduced into this wonderful world that has a look all unto its own, but the characters make you laugh,” she said. “You feel some sort of empathy toward them, and people love that and want it.”

While some were surprised to see an actor of her caliber join the cast of something as out-there as “Guardians of Galaxy,” Close said she “has always been up for anything.”

“I love to do stuff that”s different,” she said. “For me with acting, I take it to its basic: It”s literally playing. Even in the darkest thing, you have to know how to play as an actor and as an artist. These movies really bring that out in people.”

Whether or not Close returns as Nova Prime, “Guardians of Galaxy” will be back for more action with the sequel due to arrive on July 28, 2017.

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